Binance Smart Chain Explorer

Binance Smart Chain Explorer is an app that allows you to track BEP-20 transactions of public addresses easily, on iPhone, iPad and Mac.


Binance Smart Chain exploring made easy

Multiple accounts functionality;You can filter the list to see the transactions you want;Transactions can be sorted by various options;View coin details;View transactions of any address without leaving the app and also add them to the saved account lists if you want;Possibility to add alias to every address for a better visibility;Added accounts are now automatically synchronised via iCloud;

Get it on Iphone And iPad

With universal purchase you can get it once for phone and be available on your iPad and Mac too

Get it on MacOS

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The way it should be

Once you're using it you'll see that this is the way it should be.
Watching transactions and be able to go directly and start trading a coin with just one tap/click.

How to use

  1. Add the address you want to track

  1. That's it. View the account's transactions, coin details and get a badge whenever the account has new transactions.

  2. That's it

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Thank you

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